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'Blackbird always have such wonderful authors.'  Linda's Book Bag, RNA Media Star of the Year, 2017

'A bit of a first today - but when it's from one of my favourite publishers, Blackbird Books, it's a pretty safe bet that as well as being a little different

it'll be a little bit special too...'  Being Anne, RNA Media Star of the Year, 2019

 AUGUST 4th 2023

The Witch's Tale

Book 2 of The Bewitched Trilogy by Kelly Alleyn

Secret witch Alice, fights back against envy with mischief and magic

Ruthless TV presenter Decima Gauld's four men are infatuated with her PA Alice. Consumed by jealousy, she determines to make Alice’s life on her show The Bitch's Hour a living nightmare.

Still shaken by the horror of Decima’s party, secret witch Alice steps up her hidden powers. As she fights back against Decima's torrent of hate with mischief and magic, one man offers Alice his unconditional support and devotion. But can he succeed in capturing her heart when she's still in love with another? When Decima's harem group starts to fall apart, she turns in an unexpected direction to find love.  In this gripping sequel to The Decima Tale, dark forces align against Alice and her tormentor, bringing terror and death as everything around them crumbles and their fates entwine.


 JULY 2023

The Decima Tale

Book 1 of The Bewitched Trilogy

by Kelly Alleyn


Fun urban fantasy romance debut fiction by KELLY ALLEYN


Envy and magic collide in a battle for love and revenge

Ruthless TV presenter of The Witch's Hour and boss of a 4-man harem, Decima Gauld pretends to be a witch to keep her job. Her naive, kind PA, Alice, has secrets of her own. She's a real witch rearing a fighting demon and in love with a man she can never have. As the harem fall for Alice's innocent, bewitching charm, Queen of Dirty Tricks Decima will stop at nothing to ruin Alice, who must summon all her powers to survive. But can she?


MARCH 2021

The Spirit of the Horse - More Stories of Life, Love & Leadership

by Pam Billinge


Sequel to the popular memoir, The Spell of the Horse, by therapist, leadership coach and author Pam Billinge. Pam continues her exploration into the true nature of horses, their power to heal and the spiritual dynamic between humans and these magnificent creatures.


When Pam follows her dream to a farmhouse with five acres in northern France, she is able to live alongside her horses for the first time. Here, in the heart of nature, deeper insights are revealed into the healing connection between horse and human and the incredible power of presence to transform. Might it be that learning to honour and communicate with another species helps us to reframe the way we perceive each other, as well as how we might see ourselves?




It's A Mad World - Travels Through a Muddled Life

by Susie Kelly


Unlike her daredevil husband, Susie Kelly is afraid of water, elevators, heights, skiing and flying upside down and she hates being in the spotlight. No matter how hard she tries, things seem to go wrong more often than they go right. Fortunately she can see the funny side of most things, even her cancer diagnosis. However, snoring transforms her from a sweet little thing into a pitiless monster.   


These often funny and sometimes poignant tales of travels through Susie’s muddled life confirm that, as Simon Reeve writes in his autobiography Step by Step, …it is always worth remembering that some of the most memorable times can happen when things go a bit wrong. 





Famous Cat Lovers Through the Centuries

by Christina Hamilton


What do Cleopatra, Einstein and John Lennon have in common? They were all passionate about cats. 


Take a journey through the centuries with this gorgeous book of personal stories about famous cat lovers and their cats.  Why were all of Andy Warhol's 27 cats called Sam?  And did Isaac Newton really invent the cat flap?


 Discover unique cat stories and more from the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens and Freddie Mercury.  Funny, sad, tragic and heartwarming, this is the perfect books for all cat lovers.  



Only Human

by Diane Chandler

Every betrayal has a consequence... one family woman summer


The Bonds are, seemingly, a tight family unit, until one fateful summer when the temptations of lust and love come for them all...  Tiger mum Anna, who gave up her career to build the perfect home life in London's leafy Chiswick, is shocked to the core when she discovers that her husband of 20 years is having an affair. Her daughter meanwhile is transforming into a tricky teen chopping at the apron strings. Then Jack walks into their lives. Sophie’s first boyfriend is a breath of fresh air for the whole family and Anna gradually discovers new purpose for herself. But when yet more deceit creeps in, tensions soar. Anna is propelled through a tangled web of secrets and lies towards a devastating climax.



 The Kenya Box Set

by Susie Kelly


Laugh through your tears and cry through your chuckles with this magnificent collection of Susie Kelly's popular Kenya memoirs.


Susie Kelly is an Amazon Top 20 [Paid] Chart Author in the USA, UK & Australia

#1 in Travel, NonFiction, Memoir & More

I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry

Safari Ants, Baggy Pants & Elephants

Return to Kenya

JUNE 2020

Desperately Seeking Normal

by Tanya Bullock


A heartwarming tale of a young woman with learning difficulties and her quest to find love


Life as the single mum of a learning-disabled daughter in a small town in the West Midlands is tough. To Izzie's alarm, all her daughter, Jaya, 18, wants from life is to get married and have babies. How can Izzie continue to protect Jaya whilst at the same time letting her go?  When Jaya mistakenly believes she has found love with a naive young teaching assistant, Izzie has to act. Maybe finding Jaya a ‘suitable husband via an arranged marriage wouldn't be so crazy. 


MAY 2020

The Incredible Cherry Bun Tree

by Thea Howdle


When Monica Badger finds a book of amazing true stories she is excited to read about The Incredible Cherry Bun Tree.

Can it be true? Is there really a tree full of delicious cherry buns? Monica’s adventure starts when she sets out to try to find this incredible tree. Do you think she found it?

Enchanting picture book story and colouring book.




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