Susie Kelly inspires reader, 68, to take a safari trip of a lifetime

I received such a lovely letter today, and am thrilled to know that my book has encouraged somebody to go and have the experience of a lifetime on a Kenyan safari. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

"My husband and I just signed up with Vivien to go on safari this August with As You Like It!!! I am so excited! Like a child with the best Christmas ever.. and it was all due to your book. It made such an impression on me and we think and feel the same about animals, it was definitely a sign!
For years I have had this in my bucket list ( I’m 68) and I knew that I needed to do it sooner than later to fully enjoy it. Your descriptions, thoughts and opinions were right in line with my own. You feel like a soulmate!
I gave your book a five star rating but need to write a comment to help you out. I hope it is selling well.
Vivien suggested I write you. I’m so thankful for you and your book and can’t wait for my trip of a lifetime😁"

Safari njema...

Safari Ants, Baggy Pants & Elephants by Susie Kelly


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