It's A Mad World - Travels Through A Muddled Life

by Susie Kelly


‘Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.’ Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


Unlike her daredevil husband, Susie Kelly is afraid of water, elevators, heights, skiing and flying upside down and she hates being in the spotlight. 


No matter how hard she tries, things seem to go wrong more often than they go right. Fortunately she can see the funny side of most things, even her cancer diagnosis. However, snoring transforms her from a sweet little thing into a pitiless monster.   


These often funny and sometimes poignant tales of travels through Susie’s muddled life confirm that, as Simon Reeve writes in his autobiography Step by Step, ‘…it is always worth remembering that some of the most memorable times can happen when things go a bit wrong. 


*****'Great storyteller and very funny.' Goodreads


***** 'There are a handful of authors who will achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it's James Herriot, Bill Bryson & Susie Kelly.' FrenchEntrée Magazine


*****‘I just love reading Susie's books. Her travel books contain loads of helpful information, plenty of humor and often the odd tear. I even slowed down my usual reading pace to try and make it last longer. ’ US Amazon


*****'Reading a Susie Kelly book is like sitting down for a cuppa and a chat with your best friend... your funny, witty, generous, big-hearted, kind, eloquent, compassionate, intuitive, sometimes poignant, often hilarious best friend.' Author Tanya Bullock


It's A Mad World - Travels Through A Muddled Life

by Susie Kelly

Publication date: February 17th 2021

Paperback, Waterstones click & collect £9.99:

ISBN: 9781838278649 

Kindle £3.99 & Paperback £9.99, Amazon: