US Top 100 Amazon Reviewer Gives Rave 5 Stars to Susie Kelly

Review of Week: 'Intelligent & multi-faceted' The Lonely Hearts Crime Club by Tanya Bullock

'An intelligent and multi-faceted story which places the unlikeliest of characters at its centre,' says one of Tanya's many voters. The Lonely Hearts Crime Club was longlisted for the prize.

Voter in The Guardian's 2019 Not The Booker Prize Competition 


#Authorpower retreat at The Spell of The Horse farm, NW France

Equine therapist, coach and author Pam recently relocated to a beautiful farm in NW France. Here she offers gite holiday homes and/or residential courses working with Pam and her herd of horses as detailed in her extraordinary Amazon bestselling book, The Spell of the Horse. Blackbird authors are mega-excited to be one of the first groups to visit Pam for an #authorpower residential writing/horse therapy retreat next week. Just to be clear, it's us humans who will receive the therapy from the horses.


"If you are looking for a short restful break with a personal development dimension then this option could be for you. Stay in The Sanctuary or Honeysuckle for two or three days and combine with half-day tailored individual session each day with Pam and the herd. Whether you are looking to deepen a mindfulness practise, explore what is holding you back from your life-changing decisions and plans or just spend some peaceful, joyous time with the herd, no matter. It is my experience that the horses always know what it is you need and how to offer it, even in a short space of time." Pam Billinge 


More details at Pam's website

'The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit is beyond what most of the human world realises. This is why their impact on us can be so instant, so consistently positive, so transformational.' Pam Billinge, The Spell of the Horse

#1 Comedy Author UK - Susie Kelly




Susie Kelly #1 funny author UK! 
In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move To France link:
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Review of the Week: A beautifully-written book which reveals the healing potential of horses...

The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit goes way beyond what most of the human world realises.
The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit goes way beyond what most of the human world realises.

"A beautifully-written book which reveals the healing potential of horses...

I so loved this book and could resonate with it on so many levels. Normally a slow reader, I found it hard to put down, and I finished it within three days. It is a lovely mixture of Pam's own life story, depicting how the horses transformed her life for the better, as well as sharing some of the case studies in her Equine Therapy work, which demonstrate the many lessons the horses can teach us about ourselves. When we listen to the horses in this way, then we can evolve, not only becoming better people, but creating more fulfilling lives for ourselves. Horses are amazing spiritual teachers and the stories in this book really reflect this fact. We need more books like this, so that people can really see horses for the beautiful, healing souls they are. I hope to see more books by this author in the future." 

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Blackbird profiled in Writing Magazine, UK's top magazine for writers

It's our 10th anniversary this year and there could be no better way to mark the occasion than with a profile in the UK's biggest and bestselling magazine for writers, Writing Magazine



Our Diane Chandler Creative Writing for Beginners classes, mentioned in the article, start again in October. Classes limited to 8, early booking advised:



More information about Writing Magazine here:  August issue out now in print and digital.

A visit to author & artist Michael Lawrence, Hydra, Greece

Artist Michael Lawrence studied at UCLA with The Doors' singer Jim Morrison. Here he shares his early 1960s teenage awakenings, times spent with Jim as they discovered girls, cars, LSD and art together in a coming of age tale like no other. 


Whilst Jim Morrison's road was cut short far too early, his friend Michael was to become an artist with a long path of success ahead of him – always with Jim at his shoulder.