We welcome another fantastic debut author to the nest

We are excited to have discovered a truly original, wonderfully-written, book which reveals the incredible power of horses as healers and teachers. Told from the heart by a woman now at the top of her game in the UK field of horse-led therapy, Pam Billinge's The Spell Of The Horse: Stories of Healing and Personal Transformation with Nature’s Finest Teachers guides the reader to possible solutions to their own emotional problems.  H Is For Hawk meets The Outrun via Eat Pray Love.  MBS/Memoir Sept 2017

Pam Billinge

Brought up in suburban Liverpool, the first horses Pam fell in love with were ridden by the mounted policemen she would see passing her house on the way to supervise  football matches at Anfield. Little did she know, then, how these magnificent creatures would influence her adult life, leading not only to support her through a number of personal tragedies, but also to her pioneering work in horse-led psychotherapy and coaching.


 The incredible power of horses as healers and teachers


When Pam became disillusioned with her stressful career in industry she set up as an independent coach and leadership consultant and trained as a body psychotherapist. It was during this time that her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Pam began to notice the way her horse responded to her emotional turmoil. Thus began an exploration into the true nature of the horse and their infinite capacity to help humans heal and deepen their sense of themselves.  


Horses reveal our emotions


Pam’s first book The Spell of the Horse tells that tale. Through sharing her memoir and other stories inspired by the incredible interactions she has observed between horse and human, Pam reveals the true nature of the horse whilst delivering some simple principles to help the reader transcend life’s challenges to live with purpose, self-belief and joy. 


Pam lives with her partner in rural Wiltshire, with her two terriers, two horses and one pony. Here she runs her business Equest Limited www.equestlimited.co.uk providing horse-led learning programmes to a wide range of corporate clients, and a small private horse-led psychotherapy practise. 


The Spell Of The Horse: Stories of Healing and Personal Transformation with Nature’s Finest Teachers,  will be published in ebook and paperback in September 2017.

Paperback B Format ISBN 9780995473553.

Sequel To Susie Kelly's Bestselling Kenya Memoir Out June 6th


The much-anticipated sequel to Susie Kelly's US Amazon Top 30-ranking bestseller I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry, SAFARI ANTS, BAGGY PANTS & ELEPHANTS will be published on June 6th in print and ebook.  Amazon pre-order now open, making Susie Kelly a Hot New Release and taking her to the US #1 #2 slots in the US Kindle Kenya chart.

More than 40 years after leaving Kenya, Susie unexpectedly finds herself returning for a safari organised by an old friend.

With her husband Terry she sets off for a holiday touring the game reserves, but what she finds far exceeds her expectations. In this her seventh travelogue, she takes readers from five star hotels to luxury tents in the wilderness, and to poverty in Nairobi's slums, describing a journey of joy, excitement, discovery, nostalgia, of new friendships and encounters of the very close kind with Kenya’s majestic wildlife. Forgotten memories come flooding back as she revisits the scenes of her childhood and adolescence, so movingly portrayed in her popular memoir I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry, many of them changed beyond recognition.
April 2017
April 2017

Written in her characteristic laid back style, this is a travel tale that will appeal to all those readers who have enjoyed Susie's previous books, as well as anybody who has lived or dreams of visiting Kenya, the magical land Susie still thinks of as ‘home’.
FORMAT: Ebook & Paperback (ISBN 9780995473577
Contact: editor@blackbird-books.com

Mainstream Publisher Bookouture Signs VALENTINA Psychological Thriller Author S. E. Lynes - #AUTHORPOWER in Action

The multi-million £ digital publisher Bookouture, a division of Hachette, has fought off competition to sign psychological thriller Valentina author S. E. Lynes to a 3-book deal.  


We are delighted that Susie will next be published by this forward-thinking digital publisher who offer authors good royalties and a mind-blowingly dynamic publicity machine.  Bookouture editor Jenny Geras will, without any shadow of a doubt, take S E Lynes right to the top of the mainstream UK and US market where many new devoted fans will be made.   

'I was a huge fan of Valentina, and so have been pursuing Susie since I arrived at Bookouture and Mother is another brilliantly written, dark and disturbing psychological thriller which her fans will love.' Bookouture editor, Jenny Geras

Mother will be published in December 2017.  We, meanwhile, will continue to enjoy working with S E Lynes as a Blackbird author, and Valentina as a Blackbird title.


We are immensely proud to have discovered this major talent and to have brought Valentina to market, thanks, not least, to our brilliant young commissioning editor, Rosalie Love.  Another name to watch out for in the future, alongside our fantastic catalogue of carefully-chosen new and rights-reverted authors. 

Thanks to Nick & Team at Teddington Waterstones Who Are Helping To Spread The Valentina Word
Thanks to Nick & Team at Teddington Waterstones Who Are Helping To Spread The Valentina Word

Susie Kelly In The 'We Love Memoirs' Facebook Spotlight This Sunday!

A new Susie Kelly book is on the way: the long-awaited follow-up to her US Amazon Top 30 ranking memoir I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry.  She'll be announcing the title, revealing the cover and publication date this Sunday.  Click on image to go to the We Love Memoirs Facebook group, the friendliest group for writers and readers on Facebook. With over 3,800 members, it's a must for memoir lovers.



On Sunday 2nd April I’ve been invited ‘into the spotlight’ on the “We Love Memoirs” Facebook page where I will be revealing for THE VERY FIRST TIME the title, cover and publication date for MY NEW BOOK!


If you are a reader and don’t already belong to that page you may like to join it, because whatever your taste you will find something to enjoy. There are hundreds of titles from authors like NYT best-seller Victoria Twead, Joe Cawley, Jacky Donovan, Frank Kusy and Beth Haslem (and me!) and many, many more.


There are memoirs that will lift you up, shake you up, take your breath away, make you laugh and make you cry as authors open the curtains on their lives of adventure, misadventure, survival, laughter and joy, from dog lovers in Dubai to a dominatrix with her own London dungeon.


With almost 4,000 members it is a fun and sometimes rowdy but always super-friendly group, offering frequent giveaways, competitions and opportunities to relate directly with the authors.


I’ll be on-line from 11.00 am local (French) time (10am UK BST time) to chat and answer questions about my books, thermodynamics and the meaning of life.

Keep up to date with Susie's news & views & reports from the depths of the French countryside at her blog No Damn Blog