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Review of the Week: The Road To Donetsk by Diane Chandler

'A touching love story that illuminates the aid business. Compelling and enjoyable.' 

Clare Short, former Secretary of State for International Development on The Road To Donetsk by Diane Chandler.

Susie Kelly high in the Comedy Charts

Two Susie Kelly titles in UK Comedy Top 20 this month:

Swallows & Robins - The Laughs & Tears of a Holiday Home Owner and In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move To France. A new Susie Kelly title is on its way.

The Lonely Hearts Crime Club Book Launch

The launch of Tanya Bullock's  new novel The Lonely Hearts Crime Club at Waterstones, Walsall on Saturday 26th April was a joyous occasion, reported by the Walsall Chronicle.  Slideshow.


WINNER, The People's Book Prize for Fiction, 2016