Our Loves

Launching in Dec 2009, our brand identity has gradually emerged. We are resourceful, adventurous types living life to the full. We love birds and animals, travel, history, art, romance, natural health and environment, enterprise, humour, the surreal and magic.

Our Bird

We are named after this friendly lady blackbird who has made herself at home on our balcony.

She settles down to relax in the sunlight for long stretches of time. A blackbird habit known as ‘sunning’. She holds her eye in the direct beam of the sun and fluffs her feathers out. “Sunning would appear to perform two separate functions: maintaining the bird’s feathers in good condition, and helping to regulate it’s temperature.” says the RSPB’s Darren Oakley-Martin... 



 ...“There is even a suggestion that they do it simply because they enjoy it.” That sounds like a good enough reason to us.



Our Aim

‘Why will authors need publishers any more?’ asked Russian literary superstar Boris Akunin at the 2011 London Book Fair.


Four reasons why was the reply: added value, editorial, shaping and communication to the reader. Our aim is to build our name into a quality brand that readers and authors can trust. Old School ideas like manners, trust and communication with our authors and contributors are important to us. Our 50/50 contracts are built around flexibility and co-operation.  We are here to look after our authors' long-term careers. We continue promoting our books long after the traditional 3-month launch window. Digital publishing means that the days of a book being 'over' and out of the retail market before it has had a chance to shine are over. 

Our Ethos

Business with a conscience: Blackbird Digital Books is run on the principles of business practice based on the Diamond Cutter Sutra, an ancient Tibetan text. A percentage of sales revenue from selected publications goes to charity [chosen and supported by the authors themselves] and we make a regular monthly contribution to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. Learn more about the charities we support. 

Our Team

Stephanie Zia, Owner and Editor
Stephanie Zia, Owner and Editor

"Blackbird Digital Books came into being in December 2009 with an ebook of my Guardian Space Solves columns and a two-page website. The ex-Transworld author Susie Kelly got in touch via my blog, wondering if I’d be interested in epublishing her latest travel book. Her book was a success and many more wonderful Susie Kelly titles followed. More authors joined us and thus Blackbird Digital began to take on a life of its own..." Click here to learn more about Stephanie's story

Rosalie Love, Editor
Rosalie Love, Editor

Rosalie began working in publishing after graduating with a first in English Literature from King’s College, London. Since 2015, she has worked for both independent and multinational publishing houses on both sides of the Atlantic. She continues to support authors in a freelance capacity with editorial and book marketing expertise. Writers she admires include Bernadine Evaristo, Donna Tartt, Virginia Woolf and Hanya Yanagihara. Her website can be found at www.clockworkeditorial.com

Andrew Ives, Proofreader
Andrew Ives, Proofreader

Andrew worked in translation, localisation, copywriting and proofreading in several European countries before trying his hand at writing ebooks. He currently lives in SW France on an old walnut farm with his fingers permanently crossed for the electricity to remain on as he finishes his fourth novel.

Logo design - Jennifer Copley-May at Armadillo Central.


Cover design -  We work with various cover designers. We particularly love the work of Mecob Design, BookollectiveNuno Moreira,  Fena Lee and Damonza.