by Thea Howdle


When Monica Badger finds a book of amazing true stories she is excited to read about The Incredible Cherry Bun Tree.


Can it be true?


Is there really a tree full of delicious cherry buns?


Monica’s adventure starts when she sets out to try to find this incredible tree.


Do you think she found it?


Enchanting picture book story for 3-7 year-olds.


The Dream Theatre by Sarah Ball

For 8-12yrs 


Anything is possible in The Dream Theatre. It's a place where dreams are played out like pictures on the television; a place that can be everything from wonderful to scary to downright weird.


And you don't need to be asleep to explore it.


Jamie Ellis and his best friend Martha make this incredible discovery when Martha's dog Pip leads them into The Dream Theatre then disappears. Desperate to find him Jamie and Martha search the dream world, visiting places and seeing things they never thought possible. But when they eventually find him they face an even more puzzling problem. What is the strange, unending dream Pip seems to be guarding, and why won't he leave?


The answer means a race against time to help a friend in trouble and Jamie coming face-to-face with his worst nightmare.


“There are echoes here of Alice, of Blyton, of William Mayne and of a number of surreal texts, from Badlidrempt to various Pullman novellas.” Armadillo Children’s Book Magazine.