Desperately Seeking Normal by Tanya Bullock


A heartwarming tale of a young woman with learning difficulties and her quest to find love


Life as the single mum of a learning-disabled daughter in a small town in the West Midlands is tough. To Izzie's alarm, all her daughter, Jaya, 18, wants from life is to get married and have babies. How can Izzie continue to protect Jaya whilst at the same time letting her go?  When Jaya mistakenly believes she has found love with a naive young teaching assistant, Izzie has to act. Maybe finding Jaya a ‘suitable husband via an arranged marriage wouldn't be so crazy. 





The Lonely Hearts Crime Club  by Tanya Bullock An unsolved mystery…an unlikely alliance…a devastating truth...   An elderly resident of an inner-city tower block is brutally attacked and left for dead. Her neighbours, a pregnant alcoholic, a vulnerable youth, a failed actress and a cameraman with a dark secret, are thrown together in their search for answers. Misfits and loners, they are forced to confront uncomfortable realities about themselves and each other, as their investigation leads them towards the surprising finale. 


A third novel by the award-winning film-maker  Tanya Bullock.  April 16 2019

Bluethroat Morning by Jacqui Lofthouse


Alison Bliss, celebrity model and writer, walks into the sea on a ‘bluethroat morning’.  In death, she becomes an even greater icon than in life. Six years later, husband Harry is still haunted by her suicide. In order to move forward into a new relationship, he must first relive the past. A first digital edition of Jacqui Lofthouse's literary international bestseller (100,000+ copies sold). Originally published in 2000 by Bloomsbury in the UK and De Bezige Bij (Holland), Bluethroat Morning  is a literary mystery ripe for rediscovery by the booming psychological thriller audience. May 22nd 2018 Ebook, world. [Print rights: Bloomsbury].

Moondance by Diane Chandler


IVF could create a baby but could it also destroy a marriage?

Cat has always been in control of her life. Happily married to Dom, but flying high as a political lobbyist, she dismisses his desire to start a family ... until she herself is ready. But what if it is then too late? Both are forced to come to terms with their longing for a baby against the blitz on a relationship tested like never before. Bittersweet, at times funny, and always emotionally raw, this is by far the most moving and honest novel you'll ever read about IVF and its impact on a marriage.

The Road To Donetsk by Diane Chandler


 A gritty love story that brings Ukraine vividly to life: from the beautiful l llilac-filled city of Kiev and the ski runs of the Carpathians to the  dangerous depths of the Donetsk coalmines and the chilling ghost town  of Chernobyl. It is 1994 and an idealistic Vanessa Parker enters the  world of international aid, bringing with her youth and passion to do  good in the ‘Wild East’ of Ukraine after the sudden collapse of  communism. The country and its people completely win her heart. As  does Dan, a jaded American Deputy Bureau Chief of USAID.


  WINNER The People's Book Prize for Fiction 2016

Homecoming by Tanya Bullock


All that mattered to Rosie, all that had ever really mattered, was that she loved Tom and he loved her. But when a mysterious sequence of events unfolds, their love is put to the test. Quite possibly the strangest love story ever told...

The Modigliani Girl by Jacqui Lofthouse


Anna Bright never wanted to write a novel. At least, that’s what she tells herself. But a chance encounter with a famous novelist and a surprise gift of an art book cut a chink in Anna’s resolve. The short, tragic life of Modigliani’s mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne, becomes an obsession and before she knows it, she has enrolled on a creative writing course, is writing about a fictional Jeanne and mixing with the literati.