Charities supported by Blackbird and our authors

Asian Classics Input Project











Each month we donate to this remarkable project which digitises priceless ancient texts. Over 250 Tibetan refugees are housed and fed through the monthly employ of ACIP.  All of the charity workers are volunteers. 

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres







Maggie's centres are for anyone affected by cancer. Importantly, they welcome family and friends who are deeply affected by cancer too.  Maggie's knows that those who love and look after someone with cancer can feel just as frightened, vulnerable and uncertain. Author royalty percentage of 'Done and Dusted: The Organic Home on a Budget' donated in memory of Jennie Trisnan. 

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary







Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary is a remarkable oasis for all the animals that were once no-hopers and who would have left this world in agony, without anybody knowing or caring about them. 



Cancer Research UK

Susie Kelly donates a considerable percentage of her book 'The Valley of Heaven and Hell' author royalties to Cancer Research and Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.