The Widow's To Do List by Stephanie Zia

B&W 5 x 8 242 pages ISBN-13: 9781492143680 Fiction/Contemporary Women Published August 2013

A tender, moving Truly Madly Deeply meets Shirley Valentine story of a widow’s journey from grief to acceptance to moving forwards in her life in a world where sex is everywhere but death is still the great taboo. 


The charms of a Leonard Cohen tribute artist singing Leonard Cohen songs on the Greek island of Hydra reach parts of Sally Lightfoot, 50, she’d forgotten she ever possessed. 


Since the death of her music producer husband, Dom, Sally had spent years floundering about in a suburban London life that wasn’t hers any more. Desperate to move on, she turns to a self-help book. Where 1 point in her How To Win As A Widow  book's 10 point plan helps: the advice to reconnect with old friends. 


Flamboyant rock chick Ramone, still working as a backup singer after all their years apart, sexes up Sally’s 10 point plan considerably. As well as buying herself a Vivienne Westwood dress (“EVERY woman should own a Westwood”) and learning to travel on her own, Sally must lose her “wididity”, her born-again virginity, before she crumbles into sexless middle-age. Though more of a Greek Cat Stevens circa 1972 than a Leonard Cohen,  Loro has the all the looks and charm needed to turn her head. He’s perfect for the one night stand Sally suddenly finds herself pursuing. And the idyllic traffic-free island, 60s home of Leonard Cohen and cool island of choice for affluent old hippies, is the perfect setting. But, though he’s the same age as her, and though they get on like a house on fire, Sally suspects Loro doesn’t see her “in that way”. Why would he when he has the fresh turnover of girls half his age singing to his (procured) songsheet? 


When Sally's beautiful, moody daughter Ami turns up, Loro begins to pay Sally more attention. For all the wrong reasons. But Loro has as much to learn as Sally does about being true to himself rather than being a facsimile of somebody he’s not. 


"Insightful and delightful, full of thoughtful dialogue and exceptional clarity." HUFFINGTON POST BOOKS 


"A wonderful story about a woman learning to find herself again. It did remind me a little of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but it was different enough to stand on its own merits and be enjoyable. If you enjoy a book that takes you on an emotional roller coaster while rooting for the main character, this is the book for you." LITERARY R&R 


The character development is amazing. Sally grows so much once she starts to revaluate herself and regroup herself as a woman and mother. The book has an intensity that shows up at each page." MURPHY'S LIBRARY 

US Kindle $2.99   US Paperback  $13.99

UK Kindle £1.99   UK Paperback £7.79