Tim Salmon

Tim Salmon is the author of several books about Greece and France, including a cook book, a walker’s guide to the mountains and The Unwritten Places, an account of his travels in the Pindos range, recently reissued by Blackbird Digital. He was one of the original authors of The Rough Guide to France and The Rough Guide to Paris. For more than thirty years he has contributed to national newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times, Time Out and  Country Life. An indefatigable traveller, Tim’s adventures have included trips to the mountains of Tajikistan, walking the length of France (described in On Foot Across France: Dunkerque to the Pyrenees) and making a documentary for Greek TV about transhumant shepherds moving their flocks from the mountains of the north to their winter pastures in the lowlands (as described in The Unwritten Places). Tim's appearance on BBC Radio 4’s All In The Mind to talk about schizophrenia, prompted a huge public response. His Blackbird Digital book, Schizophrenia – Who Cares? – A Father’s Story, a moving personal account of life with a son who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early twenties, resonates strongly with the relatives of sufferers who also go through hell and back. 


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 The Unwritten Places: Wanderings In The Mountains of Northern Greece

Schizophrenia - Who Cares? - A Father's Story

On Foot Across France - Dunkerque To The Pyrenees


Reviews for Schizophrenia – Who Cares? – A Father’s Story:

‘This impressive first-hand account of coping with a relative suffering from a serious mental illness highlights the shameful lack of proper resources available for the mentally fragile in our allegedly “caring society”. Tim Salmon’s moving and disturbing book should be read by the families of sufferers but more importantly should be compulsory reading for all those responsible for mental health welfare.’ Salley Vickers, novelist, author of Miss Garnet’s Angel, The Other Side of You, The Cleaner of Chartres


‘Salmon writes of the bureaucratic hurdles he has had to face in order to get help for his damaged child; including as evidence some of the letters he has received from organizations supposed to help the weaker members of our society which reduced me, on occasion, to both tears and laughter. We could do better than this. Salmon’s story – which I found a riveting read, a proper page-turner, might show us the way.’ Nina Bawden, novelist, author of The Birds on the Trees.


‘Although at times I was uncomfortable at his comments… I do agree with the overriding message that we have a long way to go to work alongside carers in a mutually sharing system of care. I would recommend this book for care coordinators and those interested in more responsive and engaged services.’ Leonard Fagin Honorary Senior Lecturer, University College London, and Consultant Psychiatrist, The Psychiatrist


'A thought-provoking and brutally honest personal account of a father’s struggle through the development of his son, Jeremy’s, paranoid schizophrenia…I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it very difficult to put down. I would strongly recommend this book to both users and providers of mental health services.’ Declan Hyland, Royal College of Psychiatry Student Associate Newsletter


Read more about Tim at his website TimSalmon.org