The Lazy Cook (Book Two) by Susie Kelly

Quick And Easy Sweet Treats

Ebook and Paperback



ISBN 9780993307058


"I like a dessert to make me feel slightly guilty about eating it, but not enough to make me stop."


Susie stays at home for the 2nd instalment of her delightful round-ups of her favourite quick, simple, easy supper and pudding recipes, sprinkled with anecdote and humour. 


Let's face it, most cook books are selling a dream: mouth-watering recipes, styled to within a pea's hair, then photographed in the kind of pristine kitchens that very few of us own. More of us have kitchens like Susie's, veering towards the chaotic rather than clutter-free.  So settle down with the bestselling travel author in the kitchen of her French farmhouse and enjoy this no-fuss, no-nonsense collection of wholesome, fail-safe, quick and simple dessert recipes. 


Susie makes no claims to being a cooking queen. She admits that over the years she has made every cookery mistake possible, including pouring hot oil back into a plastic bottle and watching the bottle melt and flood most of the kitchen. Then there was the great icing sugar misunderstanding....  but in The Lazy Cook she has put together an irresistible collection of the tasty, comfort-food recipes that are enjoyed by her family and friends, spattered with generous blobs of anecdote and humour.  


One of those rare cookery books that won't be left on the shelf, but will mature with well-thumbed age as its pages become patterned with stains of food, wine, cream, butter and all things delicious 

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quote ISBN 9780993307058