Self-Publishing Ebooks: The Absolute Beginner's Step-by-Step Guide

by Stephanie Zia with Mark Binner

184 pages  | 6 x 9  

Paperback Feb 2015  | ISBN 9780993092268 |  £9.99/$15.99

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“The Bible of Ebook Publishing” US Amazon Reviewer ***** 

“Good Grief, This Book Has Absolutely EVERYTHING!” US Az ***** 

A guide to self publishing on a budget which takes the beginner through every stage of the process. From copy editing and proofing to the simplest, most robust, free ebook formatting method and on to sales, social media/publicity tips. Written by an author of mainstream-published fiction & non-fiction who has been there and made many mistakes so that the reader doesn't have to. All the ebook formatting processes are explained in step-by-step detail aimed at the beginner. 

“Excellent and comprehensive. This is the best book I’ve read on ebook publishing to date.” joerr2002 US Az ***** 

“A fantastically brisk, snappy and practical guide to self publishing. I love the step-by-step and hand holding nature of the instructions for the techie aspects!” *****Thriller author Louise Voss, Bestselling Kindle #1 Ranking Author 

“I'm 83 years old, technically naive as far as computers are concerned. I bought a Kindle reader and half a dozen books which I hoped would help me to do it ... some chance; the first five were totally incomprehensible. Fantastic. I strongly advise anyone wanting to 'Kindle' their writings to buy Stephanie's book. I did and it saved my sanity.” US Az ***** 

“Stephanie Zia has specifically targeted the writer wanting to publish on KDP, iBooks, etc., with a well constructed layout of short chapters taking the writer throughout all the essentials, from preparing the manuscript to uploading and promoting the final book. An excellent introduction for the beginner wary of the many pitfalls of self publishing.” UK Az ***** 


Copy Editing 

Copyright and Copyleft 

Why There’s No Need to Get Confused by all the Different Ebook Formats 


Titles, ISBNs, Legal Notices and Disclaimers 

Self publishing on Smashwords, Apple iBooks, & More 

Self publishing on Amazon Kindle, Draft2Digital & Kobo 

Why PDF is Still Useful With Print On Demand Paperback Tips 

Why You Don’t Need Page Numbering 

A Beginner’s Guide to Hyperlinking 

How To Hyperlink Chapter Headings & Make A Clickable Kindle Table of Contents 

Check Your Links 

Using Photos Online And Inserting Them Into Your Document 

How to Make Or Commission an Ebook Cover 

How To Find Affordable Artwork & Free Royalty-Free Photos/Images 

How To Make An Ebook Cover 

Different Photo Sizing For Covers, Documents & Publicity 

Final Touches 

Publishing to Adobe PDF 

Final Proofread 

How To Set Up Security on Adobe PDF 

Converting to Kindle Mobi & ePub on Calibre & Loading Your Ebooks To Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital, Kobo 

How To Fill Out US Tax Forms For Non-US Authors (And stop 30% deductions from sales) 

Selling Ebooks From Your Own Website The Arguments For And Against 

The Best Free Web Builder sites, incl the difference between and friendly/easiest to use 

Turning Pro – The Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Offered a Print Book Deal 

How to Grow Your Sales - Twitter, Facebook & PR Tips 

How To Grow Your Sales Through The Roof 

Mark Binner’s Top Techie Tips & Tools For Advanced Formatting 

Appendix For Alan (Age 83) – The Complete Beginner’s Step by Step ABC of Word Doc to Kindle Ebook 

“I have read quite a few books on formatting and this one is the best yet, really it is quite outstanding and I would recommend it as Must Do (reading) for any eBook author (or newbee).” UK Az ***** 

‘Great, great book. I can’t understand how I could ever have managed my way through the ebook process without it..' iBooks reviewer *****