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11 December 2018: 12.35


Publication date: 3 December 2018 [paperback £11.99/ebook £4.99] 

* If Britain crashes out of the EU & small businesses collapse in another major recession, as Susie's did in the 1990s, would the option of moving to a ruin of a wreck in France even be possible anymore?


* The British living in European countries still have no idea what the future holds for them after Brexit.


* Susie writes wisely & with humour as she  looks back on the beginning of her life in France, rebuilding her life, and a home,  from ruin in the country she loves and has now called home for 23 years. Includes the horror of going from a very comfortable Cheltenham life (with 2 horses, a plane, 5 dogs, 2 parrots) to near-bankruptcy almost overnight when their small business collapsed in the 90s recession.


* Before + After photographs of the house available [see below for Before].


Read an extract  [More excellent standalone extracts available]


* Exclusivity available.


* About the book: Another delightful, very funny, memoir from the bestselling, much-loved, travel author Susie Kelly.   With her house literally crumbling around her, the number of odd characters Susie manages to attract are only matched by the assortment of creatures appearing from in and out of the woodwork. Terry almost dies, and Susie's resilience and good humour are tested to the limit. Sometimes it feels more like taking part in a musical comedy than starting a new life in France. 


* Released on 3 December, In Foreign Fields: How Not To Move To France went straight in to Amazon UK's Top 20 Biographies & Memoirs Women chart; 3rd to Michelle Obama and Spice Girl Mel Brown in Hot New Releases.  


* Interviews: Susie is a witty, wise and elegant speaker. She still lives in the remote farmhouse, no longer a ruin but a comfortable home, in the Poitou Charentes region of central France, 1hr SW of Poitiers. 

Hear Susie Kelly talk about IN FOREIGN FIELDS: HOW NOT TO MOVE TO FRANCE & Brexit on the Giles Brown show,  TRE, Talk Radio Europe.

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Susie Kelly
Susie Kelly
Looking down to the kitchen
Looking down to the kitchen
First bathroom
First bathroom

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