Michael Lawrence

Michael's birthday poem to Jim Morrison.

Dec 8 2018: Happy birthday Jim. Michael's birthday poem for Jim Morrison
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Michael Lawrence was born in Los Angeles in 1943, the son of film star Marc Lawrence and screenwriter, poet and novelist Fanya Foss. After he was awarded the Huntington Hartford Fellowship, his life’s pursuits were set as an artist and a writer. His art is now exhibited in private collections across the globe, including those owned by Oliver Stone and LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Roy Lichtenstein described his artwork as “vibrant, joyous and colourful”. His fine, poetic words and funny stories are destined to become equally so, in this coming of age tale like no other.


More details about  Tripping With Jim Morrison and Other Friends, out now.

Listen to Michael Lawrence Reading Extracts From Tripping With Jim Morrison




'You have poems inside your head and you have learned to explode them with firecracker tubes of paint’

Ray Bradbury


‘I won’t try to compete with you in the word department except to say how much I enjoy reading yours.’

Roy Lichtenstein 


‘Here is a wealth of impressions! People, places and events, famous and personal, sit side by side in curious metaphors that softly draw the reader into meditation.’ Timothy Leary