#Authorpower retreat at The Spell of The Horse farm, NW France

Equine therapist, coach and author Pam recently relocated to a beautiful farm in NW France. Here she offers gite holiday homes and/or residential courses working with Pam and her herd of horses as detailed in her extraordinary Amazon bestselling book, The Spell of the Horse. Blackbird authors are mega-excited to be one of the first groups to visit Pam for an #authorpower residential writing/horse therapy retreat next week. Just to be clear, it's us humans who will receive the therapy from the horses.


"If you are looking for a short restful break with a personal development dimension then this option could be for you. Stay in The Sanctuary or Honeysuckle for two or three days and combine with half-day tailored individual session each day with Pam and the herd. Whether you are looking to deepen a mindfulness practise, explore what is holding you back from your life-changing decisions and plans or just spend some peaceful, joyous time with the herd, no matter. It is my experience that the horses always know what it is you need and how to offer it, even in a short space of time." Pam Billinge 


More details at Pam's website https://www.pambillinge.com/coaching-residentials-2019/.

'The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy and spirit is beyond what most of the human world realises. This is why their impact on us can be so instant, so consistently positive, so transformational.' Pam Billinge, The Spell of the Horse