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The Bonds are seemingly a tight family unit.


Until the temptations of lust and love come for them all... 


Tiger mum, Anna, who gave up her career to build a home in leafy Chiswick, west London, is shocked to the core when she discovers that her husband of 20 years is having an affair. Her daughter meanwhile is is transforming into a tricky teen chopping at the apron strings.


Then Jack walks into their lives. Sophie’s first boyfriend is a breath of fresh air for the whole family, and Anna gradually discovers new purpose for herself.


But when more deceit creeps in, tensions soar, and Anna is propelled through a tangled web of secrets and lies towards a devastating climax. 


Only Human, an intelligent tale of love & betrayal, is the third novel by the winner of the 2016 People's Book Prize for Fiction.


September 8th 2020


Vive la Difference: More Notes From Rural France

A further selection from some of the best bits of Susie's blog diaries reveal the minutiae of expat day to day life in rural France. A must-read for Susie Kelly fans and anybody thinking of, or dreaming of, moving to France.  Autumn 2020


Cats Through History by Christina Hamilton

 Some of our most distinguished historical public figures in literature, art and politics have fallen love with cats.  Ranging across the centuries from Cleopatra to Warhol, Hamilton  reveals surprising, interesting and astonishing stories about  famous owners and their cats.  Winter 2020


A 2nd title by The Spell of the Horse author Pam Billinge

Winter 2020