Call of an Angel in Irish Bookshops

New release Call of an Angel by Patricia O'Toole  is now on the bookshop shelves in Ireland.  Spotted here at the fabulous Bandon's Books Plus, Co. Cork.


Patricia O'Toole's life transforms from an ordinary existence as a working mum, living with her two sons in rural Southern Ireland, to the extraordinary after she comes across a forgotten, soon-to-expire gift voucher. Through an unusual series of twists and turns, she comes to understand and eventually accept the gift of being able to communicate with angels.  Eventually she shares her experiences with her sons, and they, too, begin to have highly unusual experiences.  Their chapters in this entertaining and heartwarming  memoir raise O'Toole's story of spiritual awakening to another level.


'I really think the quality of the writing raises it above other books that might seem to be of a similar ilk. I’m definitely intrigued.'  Being Anne


'Real life with angels, an amazing story of an amazing family. Look out for chapter 3 Spirit Encounters, FANTASTIC! and a chapter called What Would They Say? Be ready with tissues, be ready to be strong and be ready to hear some things that resonate with you. I absolutely love this book... you WILL look at things in a different way.'  Laura Prime, Laura's Book Blog Corner


'The author’s passion jumps out of almost every page. As I was entranced, marvelling at the artistic impressions, both visual and written, I managed to overlook a very key point. This is not a work of fiction. It is a true-life story. ' The Cozy Pages


Also available in Large Print and ebook


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