Angel Memoir a Top Seller on UK Amazon

Call of an Angel  by Patricia O'Toole was the #1 angel book on UK Amazon this week, and #1 in Mysticism.

Living with her two sons in rural Ireland, Patricia's life transforms from an ordinary existence as a working mum to the extraordinary when she comes across a long-forgotten gift voucher.  Patricia takes the decision to use it to visit a medium in her local town and afterwards her life becomes increasingly complicated when she realises that it has opened up a world of being able to communicate with both angels and spirits. Strange experiences come thick and fast as she tries to keep what is happening a secret from her family and colleagues. Eventually she comes to accept these exceptional experiences and it is only then that the angels' share the true purpose of their visits...


'Real life with angels, an amazing story of an amazing family. Look out for chapter 3 Spirit Encounters, FANTASTIC! and a chapter called What Would They Say? Be ready with tissues, be ready to be strong and be ready to hear some things that resonate with you. I absolutely love this book... you WILL look at things in a different way.' Laura's Book Blog Corner


'The author’s passion jumps out of almost every page. As I was entranced, marvelling at the artistic impressions, both visual and written, I managed to overlook a very key point. This is not a work of fiction. It is a true-life story. ' The Cozy Pages


'Warm, amusing, enlightening. Her humour and warmth shine through. For me, this was the test of a really good book. One which changed my way of seeing and being in the world. I loved Patricia's advocacy for animals, nature and all the creatures in it.'  Goodreads