A Little Piece of Heaven - Vol 1: Inspirational Messages from the Angels

by Patricia O'Toole

December 2019, worldwide ebook & paperback

A handbook of inspirational messages from the angels


In 2004, angels unexpectedly began to appear to Patricia O'Toole and her 2 teenage sons at their home in Ireland, as detailed in her extraordinary memoir Call of an Angel. By 2007 the angels had started giving her clear messages, which she has documented over the last 15 years.


A Little Piece of Heaven is a collection of all the messages she received from 2007 until 2012.


As well as being a beautiful collection of messages to inspire us in our daily lives, Patricia describes how she communicates with angels, so that you too can try to connect with these beautiful celestial beings.


If you wish to have your own personal diary of communication, the paperback version of this book has a blank page with every message for you to write or draw on, making A Little Piece of Heaven your own very personal book of connecting with the angels.


A fascinating glimpse into a celestial world