Fantasy romance series BEWITCHED by KELLY ALLEYN published this week.

A love triangle with a twist

***** Such a fun and exciting read.
***** Utterly blown away. Could not put it down.
***** Got me hooked and before I knew it, I'd finished!
***** The twists and turns were brilliant.
***** Finished it in one sitting!


Powerful, driven, TV presenter Decima is a wounded soul with all the trappings of wealth and fame. She compensates for her inner unhappiness by using her position to dominate all who work for her.

Alice, her naive, kind PA, has always been an outsider because of her strange powers. She will need to use them to stand up for herself if she is to survive in Decima's world.

When evil forces threaten, they must unite to survive, as each strives to find love and security in a world of danger.

In a shocking final revelation, The Tower’s biggest secret is unveiled.

Curl up with this provocative tale of love, envy and enchantment...


The BEWITCHED trilogy by Kelly Alleyn

A love triangle with a twist.

Series produced in paperback and ebook. Available online and to order from all good bookstores (Book 1 ISBN 9781068650505; Book 2 ISBN 9781068650512; Book 3 ISBN 9781068650529


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