The Spell of the Horse moves into Amazon US Top 10 Horse Books

Pam Billinge's The Spell of the Horse, about the healing power of horses, has been rising in the Amazon US charts since Christmas. It has now reached #6 in the Horse Books chart and #59 in Healing. The sequel, The Spirit of the Horse, is not far behind. 

The healing power of horses


The ability of the horse to sense emotion, energy & spirit goes way beyond what most of us realise

Discover the true nature of the horse and the spiritual connections between us

A book of inspiring true stories depicting some of the transformational interactions between horse and human facilitated by Pam Billinge, a pioneering equine-assisted coach and therapist since 2008.

Pam also shares her own courageous path to redemption - from hitting an emotional rock bottom to finding the strength to follow her dream. Pam's insight into the true nature of the horse was awakened in the face of personal tragedy when her horse mirrored the emotional turmoil surrounding her mother's terminal cancer diagnosis.

What unfolds in this book is a powerful exploration of the deep, spiritual bond between horses and humans, revealing the horse's boundless capacity to facilitate healing.

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