Top Woman Canada, UK, Australia: Diana Morgan-Hill

When Diana lost both of her legs in a traumatizing train accident, she thought her life was over. Instead, she began a journey of self-discovery and a fight for justice. A memoir full of honesty and charm.

                                             UK                 #1 Women's Biographies & Memoirs 

                                             Canada       #1 Women's Biographies & Memoirs

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                                             USA               #1 Law, Disability

                                             USA               #1 Family & Health Law, Medical Law

                                                                      & Legislation

'Diana’s story is one of triumph' - The Daily Mail


'The most romantic story you will ever read.' - Woman's Journal


'A compelling story of how humour, friendship, grace & sheer grit can triumph over unthinkable catastrophe' - Liz Jensen, bestselling author of The 9th Life of Louis Drax and The Rapture 


'This is a story of how indomitable the human spirit can be. If you want an example of hope over adversity with all the struggle, heartbreak and pain along the way, then you will find it in this book.'  Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South 1997-2015 


'This extraordinary account will steal time, invade sleep and profoundly affect you. Perhaps you will never be the same again' - Sue Joiner, Village Writers, New Forest 


There are very few books that I'm truly evangelical about and want to insist that everyone reads - this is definitely one of them. She's an excellent writer.' Louise Voss, author


'Has all the twists and turns you'd expect in a book penned by John Grisham. Except it isn't fiction.'  Bee Lewis


'A thrilling read. A jubilant masterpiece on every level.'  Rosie Jones - First writer in residence for the National Trust, at Kingston Lacy 


Love & Justice is a rollercoaster of emotions which will have you alternately crying and laughing. There are many lessons to be learnt from this beautifully written, unputdownable book.'  Christine Aziz, author and winner of the Richard & Judy novel-writing competition 


'The novel-like style is a brilliant, powerful device; your mind is lulled into novel-mode, then you will be ambushed with a sentence of heartbreaking, lacerating poignancy.'

T.E. Donnell, Train driver 


'Diana's talk has us all mesmerized.' The Charroux Literary Festival 


'Powerful and witty. It had me at the first line.' Tricia Walker

Love & Justice by Diana Morgan-Hill

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