Do you Believe in Angels?



'In the still silence of the night, I said a little prayer asking the angels never to do anything that might startle me. Feeling somewhat reassured by this, I snuggled down and drifted off to sleep. I am not so sure I would have been quite so easily placated if I had had any notion of the sheer volume of angels and spirits that were soon to come into my life at every opportunity and everywhere I went, from that night forward.' 



The remarkable true story of angels and spirits appearing in the lives of an ordinary working mum and her two teenage sons, living quietly in a remote corner of Ireland. 


This was no chance meeting between heaven and earth and they soon became part of a phenomenon that would change their lives forever. 


This memoir will appeal to a wide audience, including the many fans of angel author Lorna Byrne, and the growing force of modern millennial followers of angel gurus Kyle Gray and Radleigh Valentine.



Call of an Angel ,

Publication date November 7th 2017

Now available for pre-order from Amazon, Waterstones and all good bookshops worldwide. 


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