US Disability Rights Blog THINK INCLUSIVE reviews Love & Justice

THINK INCLUSIVE campaigns for inclusive rights for all: "There is more than 30 years of research to support when people of all kinds of abilities learn and play together, everyone benefits...You need to ask to be included. That is it. The more people ask (even demand) to be included (for themselves or their children) the more pressure will be on your schools and your community to provide opportunities.

Here's a snip from their thoughtful review:

Love & Justice goes beyond the issues unique to amputees as it showcases the similarities between their challenges and those common to people with other disabilities. Hill’s stories about dating with a disability enable the similarities to emerge. This encounter from Chapter 27 is one example:

“There was one horribly awkward moment when an attractive man came to sit opposite me as I waited for Sarah in the Majestic bar. By the eye contact he was clearly interested in the way I looked. And then I got up to welcome Sarah and his face dropped to the floor as he saw me pick up the two walking sticks. I was deeply hurt and have never forgotten that sudden change in facial expression.”

Now, I’m certain that will be a universal point of connection for the disability community! Perhaps Hill’s take on the word “disabled” shared in the memoir can explain away the apparent paradox. “I couldn’t relate to the word at all. I always felt that one disabled a computer, you can’t disable a person, there is still something of them there, a spirit, a movement of sorts, a life that, in most cases, should be lived.”

Final Verdict

Love & Justice by Diana Morgan-Hill is well-written and interesting, and it is a book that will find success in many target audiences. Anyone who wants to learn more about adjusting to life after amputation gets an inside view from the author’s experience.  Demystifying disability also makes this book a good choice for anyone looking for material about dating someone with a disability. Most importantly, though, new amputees and their loved ones should read Love & Justice… because reading about Hill’s experiences will comfort you by letting you know you are not alone, thus also empowering you to keep going during a very difficult period in your life.