NEW TITLE: THE LAZY COOK (1) - Quick And Easy Meatless Meals by Susie Kelly

THE LAZY COOK (1) : QUICK AND EASY MEATLESS MEALS by Susie Kelly is NOW OUT! An early reviewer tried this recipe, below, for peanut butter, and said "This cookbook is so good I immediately ordered 6 copies for friends as 'un-birthday' presents and can't wait for her next cookbook!"

Peanut butter:
Peanuts, whole peanuts and nothing but peanuts. With a food processor it’s easy to make your own peanut butter, free of any unwelcome additions like palm oil. Fill the bowl of the processor half way, with the blade, and pulse for 5 minutes or so to break up the nuts. Then let the processor run and chop the nuts. If your processor is a bit of a wimp, like mine, give it a rest every few minutes to stop it going up in smoke. Gradually the oil will start to appear from the nuts, and it will become easier to blend. Make the butter as chunky or smooth as you please, depending on how long you blend it. Pour into clean jars. It keeps forever, if given a chance.
Vegan, gluten free
Recipe from THE LAZY COOK (1) by Susie Kelly Just £2.99/$3.99 on Kindle £7.99/$11.99 paperback