The Road To Donetsk A Hot New Release in Women's Literary Fiction

The Road To Donetsk by Diane Chandler is a Hot New Release on Amazon UK, Women's Literary Fiction, and the first reader reviews are now up:  


"A country I knew nothing about sprang to life not just through the characters but the silky smooth writing delivers vivid descriptions of Kiev, the countryside, the mines, the villages, even a trip to Chernobyl."

"This is so much more than a love story. It is skilfully written and the setting so vivid, I feel I know the country without ever having visited."

"A tender love story with gritty realism behind it."

"Beautiful and vivid description of place and people. An eye-opener to the world of aid, not quite the 'do-gooders' one supposed."

"Had me hooked right from the first pages. Diane Chandler certainly knows Ukraine and the world of international aid, at times I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction, it is so well written and so true to fact."

"Great read from start to finish."

 Read Chapter 1 here.