Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers


US blog The Conscious Cat has put together a Christmas cat catalogue, full of interesting and unusual gifts for cat lovers. Not least Christina Hamilton's lovely little book Cats Through History - An Illustrated A - ZFamous cat lovers from Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé and Harry Styles revealed through their own pesonal cat tales. From the legend of Prophet Muhammad's cat Muezza to Andy Warhol's little-known cat book, a diverse mixture of fun facts about famous cat owners, chock full of gorgeous cat photos, quotes and tales. 

“If you’ve ever wondered about famous cat lovers and their beloved cats, you’ll enjoy this book.” The Conscious Cat 

“A delicious, delightful little book. Takes a side trip — through our love of cats — into the secret lives of some of the people we love, or perhaps, love to hate… ” Marc Farre

“Should be in every cat lover’s library. Fun and informative, a handy resource I’m certain you’ll refer to again and again.“ Cat Chat With Caren & Cody