Competition - Win An Audiobook

You may well have heard by now about the Oprah Book Club pick Wild. At 26, Cheryl Strayed hiked up the Pacific Crest Trail to get over the grief of the loss of her beloved mother and wrote a compelling book about her journey of discovery. Well, here in Europe we have our own Wild lady: Susie Kelly. Who, in her 50s, hiked solo across France from the sea on the West coast to Lake Geneva in Switzerland beyond the mountains in the East. On a whim. Carrying her tent on her back. Following no specific trail other than the movements of the sun and a concertina'd Ordnance Survey map. Now her much-loved, hilarious book has been made into an audiobook and Susie is running a competition on her blog to win a copy. Best Foot Forward  - A 500-Mile Walk Through Hidden France, narrated by the Hollywood actress Anne Day-Jones. Follow the link and comment or simply 'smile' to enter:

No such thing as a free lunch... but there this such a thing as a free book from Audible

"A BOOK TO INSPIRE" Good Housekeeping Magazine