Cats Through History - An Illustrated A-Z by Christina Hamilton

Famous cat lovers from Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe to Beyoncé and Harry Styles revealed through their own pesonal cat tales. From the legend of Prophet Muhammad's cat Muezza to Andy Warhol's little-known cat book, a diverse mixture of fun facts about famous cat owners, chock full of gorgeous cat photos, quotes and tales. 

A London Steal - The Fabulous On-A-Budget Guide To London's Hidden Chic by Elle Ford

 Discover the fashion haunts, shops, cafes, clubs and bars of the smartest young Londoners without having to compromise on style or veer off budget. This unique budget style guide reveals the tricks to funding the fabulous, via the chicest of charity shops and the coolest of bars and clubs, on the tightest of student incomes and less.  Essential reading for London visitors who would love to live like the cast of "Made In Chelsea" without being 'in' diamonds.

 Done & Dusted - The Organic Home On A Budget by Stephanie Zia

 Learn how to avoid the possible nasties in everyday household products and make informed, affordable compromises. As the cleaning guru for The Guardian's Weekend Magazine Space Solves column from 2005 to 2011, Stephanie Zia has helped hundreds of readers solve their impossible stains and cleaning catastrophes. This book gathers together 100+ of the best of her columns.

 Self-Publishing Ebooks - The Absolute Beginner's Step-by-Step Guide by Stephanie Zia and Mark Binner

 A plain-speaking, non-geek, guide to ebook formatting, publishing and promoting.